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Step Deck Transportation Solutions

Ship oversized loads safely & effectively

Mongoose Freight Solutions provides a variety of transportation services for all of your shipping needs. Our mission is to be the most relationship-based brokerage in the market. We know we can provide amazing service for you, no matter the industry.

One transportation service we offer is a step-deck freight shipping or drop deck trailer. These are similar to standard flatbed trailers but add a single step to a lower deck that provides more cargo height. When your cargo exceeds the maximum height allowed by a flatbed trailer, a step deck or drop deck trailer is your solution. Ship tall machinery and oversized loads safely with our unique Step Deck trucking services.

step deck truck

Benefits of Step Decks / Drop Decks

  • Step deck trucking services reduces safety risks because of their easy loading techniques.
  • Step decks provide extended clearance for extra-large equipment.
  • Step deck trailers provide easy adjustment for bulk cargo.
  • Step deck trailers are equipped with straps, tarps, and dunnage that allow easy shifting of heavy machinery and specialized cargo.
  • Step decks haul similar freight as flatbeds, but they can haul higher loads without additional load permits.

Step Deck Trucking

The step-deck or drop deck trailer is an open trailer with two deck levels. It has an upper deck and a lower deck that drops down after clearing the tractor. Step-deck trailers can haul taller loads than standard flatbeds, due to their 38” – 42” height, and often have ramps for unloading. Large equipment, building materials, and large machinery are commonly carried commodities for the step deck. Like standard flatbeds, step decks can carry up to 48,000 and can be 48’ for legal loads and 53’ for over-dimensional loads. The width on the step deck is at 8’6”.


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Common Cargo

Construction site supplies, drilling rigs, oil and gas equipment, high-pressure storage tanks, compressor skids and forging machines are just some of the cargo commonly transported with step deck trailers. Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation services for our customers.


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